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-Copyright Services

What is music copyright?

A copyright provides the owner with the exclusive right to a particular work for a limited duration of time. Protecting song works and lyrics for life and after.

How do copyright services work and what will I need?

Apply for music copyright with your song lyrics, song music or a rough draft of your song or use all three. Your song do not have to be released to be copyrighted. Your song can be released first and then copyrighted. There is no time limit on when to get your songs copyrighted. Music copyright protects your song works and totally your option.

How do I apply for my Copyright?

To apply for copyright thru Kream , Go to the publishing tab and read our Service Rates for Bronze Music Copyright. Once you gathered your song information for each song you would like to get copyrighted just click "Get Kream" to proceed to the payment area. Once we receive your payment someone from Kream Team will email you for details on your songs for copyright processing. Copyright processing takes about 48 hours , times may vary 3-5 days depending on volume requests. Once complete, you will receive a your Official Certified time stamped , digital fingerprint Blockchain ID Certificate with a stated registry, protection and ownership to you and your song works.

How much does Copyright services cost? 

Kream offers music copyright services for $50. With that unbeatable price you can copyright up to 5 songs non released or released. Payments for copyright are due before processing your songs for copyright. Price may sometimes vary depending on promotions and sales.

Will I receive I get my Copyright certificate by mail or email?

If you choose to do song copyright with Kream, you will receive your copyright certificate by email. Kream Team will further email you instructions on what to expect with our copyright processing.

How many songs I can send for Copyright certification?

Kream can only allow up to 5 songs with each copyright service, per order. You can submit one song if you like but the price will still be the same for our copyright services.

Will I get a receipt of service complete?

Once you pay for copyright thru our online portal. You will automatically get a email confirming you copyright service. Once we process you request for copyright you will receive an email with you certificate and other details about your completed order.

-Direct Licensing Services

What is direct licensing?

Direct Licensing is where publishers collectively work with performing rights organizations (PROs: BMI, SESAC, ASCAP) and international organizations. Publishers collects, accounts and pays royalty under an agreement. Publishers work to generate profits thru exploitation of song works under agreement. 

How does direct licensing works?

Direct licensing is the commercial use of song exploitation and/or promotion of songs. The copyright owner of song works are paid for the use of their music in media like:

-Movies and Films

-TV Shows

-Video Games

-Online Video Ads and more

Copyright owners can appoint a designated publisher to registered song works for the exploitation and promotion of song works. This often includes BMI, ASCAP, SESAC and other collections organizations and societies across the territories around the world. Copyright owners can license their music usually with signing an agreement with a publisher or music service.

Do I have to submit my metadata song information for  direct licensing?

Yes, we need metadata. We can not process direct licensing without all required song information to verify your submission.

What royalties can I receive with direct licensing?

When you license your music, depending on what licenses you have obtained from submitted song works thru publishing agreements varies. Royalties are often paid by its composition (songwriters) and master works (recording artist and record labels). These royalties can be paid in 6 different ways :

-streams(Spotify, Youtube, etc)

-performance (public)

-digital performance(radio play)

-sync licenses(tv shows, movies, video games)

-public performance(radio, tv channels, clubs etc)

-mechanical (CDs)

What percentage of my royalties do I share with Kream?

We only ask for 10% commission for publishing and administrative cost for the length of your term agreement of 1 year. You always have full ownership and we never take a payment until you receive a payment. You still collect your royalties from DSP's and we handle your publishing and licensing.

What  other options I have if I do not have the required information for direct licensing?

If you do not have the required information, contact you recent music distributor to get your song metadata they would have given at the time of your song release.

Can any artist be from a different country other than the USA?

We are currently only providing publishing to artists in the United States.

What real time results will I get from direct licensing? 

Updates by email.

Will I have to sign agreements and contracts? 

Yes. Agreements one 1 year.

-Gold Member Services

What does being a gold member mean? 

Music publishing and licensing.

What happens if I don't want a renew for a second year? 

No worries let us know by email.

Can I cancel my gold member services at any time?

 Yes, anytime. Let us know we will release all publishing duties, but no refund on services.

Why do I have to pay a commission fee to Kream?

Kream only receives a 10% commission fee for all administrative services, accountant services, tax services, agreements and music placements.

Will I get regular updates and notifications about my gold member services?

Yes, Kream often send updates about your music publishing. You will get notification when we do any administration services for direct licensing, sync placements, royalties or payments. Please always check your email notifications from Kream, some items may need your immediately attention, especially for placements and royalties updates.

How long does sync placement takes?

If something is available that fit your artist profile and genre type you will be placed quite fast depending on the agent affiliated. Usually sync placement can take some time depending on an artist genre type and profile fit for our agents looking for specifics. Please keep your social media profiles updated, send us links, your bio and great photos to better your odds at placements.

How long does it take to get my direct licensing for Digital service providers (DSPs) and platforms?

This time may vary depending on which digital service provider you are getting. Every artist song varies for direct licensing. There is no known reason on what qualifies your song for direct licensing.

What bonus placements do I get with being a gold member?

When available, Kream do offer extra placements for opportunities to increase your music exposure and make some extra cash. Certain fields can be limited to genre type and specifics. Are you looking for more ways to get your music heard we offer some extras like invites to podcast interviews, radio, live performances and more.

Can I get a refund for any reason when using Kream Music Publishing services?

UNFORTUNATELY, WE CAN NOT REVERSE AND KREAM PUBLISHING SERVICES ONCE YOU PAY AND SUBMIT YOUR SONGS FOR PROCESSING. THIS PROCESS CAN NOT BE CHANGED OT STOPPED WHEN WE START. THEREFORE WE CAN NOT ISSUE A REFUND. We encourage all artists and independent record labels to contact Kream Team or leave a comment in our Kream Community with any questions you may have before you purchase any services you are unsure about. We will do our best to answer your questions.











PLEASE Contact with any questions or concerns. THANK YOU.

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